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Railway Infrastructure


- Railway Wireless LAN ( Supply , Installation and


- Train to ground Wire LAN.

- Installation of surveillance CCTV Cameras

- Building Maintenance-ICT. (Installation of LAN

  Points, Cabinets and Fibre  Connectivity)



Rolling Stock


-In-service repairs, ,maintenance and program work

-Supply of components (New/Refurbishment)

-Research & Development

-Repairs and Maintenance


To become the leading Railway Industry provider of solutions with latest high technology parts/components that are locally designed and manufactured.


We design, develop and optimize existing engineering products/methods with modern day, state-of-the-art technology for the rail industry, through the creation of jobs and wealth for our employees and communities that we operate in, Consistently delivering superior value and good quality services to our customers and stakeholders driven by our passion for railway and our commitment to our core values.

MES has a technical and management team that has a combined knowledge, expertise and professional experience in the Railway industry exceeding 15 years. We at MES are very passionate about what we do and we strive to improve and be the best in our product and services offering. We supply unique and exclusive products to the end user. MES has the desire and passion to capture a fair share of the market we believe this is achievable by staying on top of the newest products and technology. We would like to increase capacity and improve reaction time on infrastructure related repairs, preventative maintenance, root cause analysis, research and development with a view of increasing reliability, availability, maintainability and enhancing of safety.


The main objective is to make good profits by serving the local market with locally manufactured products born out of great ideas. The primary objective is to improve the railway safety operation and reliability, to make responsible contributions to the long term railway development by focusing on what really makes a difference in commuters lives, by improved railway network and safe, reliable railway rolling stock. Amongst other objective our aim is;


To build the requisite knowledge and institutional base to enable the women to

   become sustainable and independent


To continually be engaged in the design and development of new equipment to fulfill

   the requirements of the rail Industry.


To provide outstanding service to the industry with a high quality standard of

   product support.


To design and develop new products with the latest technology to satisfy our

   customers’ requirements.


To promote local manufacture of such product designs to suit the local market

   conditions and requirements.


To endeavor to be at the disposal of the customer at all times with technical

   support, with the emphasis on the availability of spares and service back up.


To promote and develop an export market.


To continue a long term relationship with our strategic partners and stake holders.







East Rand Stoneridge, Block C

Stoneridge Office Park



Johannesburg, 1609, South Africa


Tel: (011)040 9715

Fax: (086)212 6551


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